How to buy?

1. Buy SOL

Buy SOL from one of the exchanges listed below:
* You need to buy more than 3 SOL (3.05 SOL is safe) to cover the gas fee for minting later (described below)

U.S. based Buyers

Non-U.S. Buyers


Binance Exchange Example

2. Create your wallet

Choose a crypto-wallet of your choice to deposit SOL.
Click on the corresponding links to get instructions:

3. Transfer SOL from exchange to your wallet

Now that you have bought some SOL from the exchange and have created a wallet, it’s time to transfer SOL to your wallet

1. Find your wallet address



2. Transfer SOL to your wallet from the exchange where you bought SOL

* You need to send more than 3 SOL (3.05 SOL is safe) to cover the gas fee for minting

3. Approve your transaction.

It may take up to 10 minutes for your deposit to appear in your wallet

4. Check your SOL balance on your wallet

Make sure you have 3 SOL + gas fee (3.05 SOL is safe) to be able to mint a SolUFO

4. Mint a SolUFO

1. Go to our “Mint” page

2. Connect to your wallet

3. Click “Mint a SolUFO”

4. Approve transaction from your wallet (3 SOL + gas fee).

The transaction may take up to 10 minutes

5. Locate your SolUFO NFT in your wallet