Frequent Ask Questions

Q: What is SolUFO?

A: SolUFO is an NFT with a completely original UFO motif made from Solana chains.

Q: How can I buy SolUFO?

A: After you release and connect your wallet on the site, click "Mint a Sol UFO". Please see "How to buy?" page.

Q: Would all 10,000 NFTs be sold to the general public?

A: Some SolUFOs are reserved for use by game teams and for distribution to general users at events.

Q: How can you ensure distribution is random?

A: We will be using a smart contract deployed on the Solana chain to distribute the Sol UFOs. The tokens can be verified on the blockchain and our smart contract code can be audited by the Solana core devs.

Q: Is each Sol Soul unique?

A: Yes each Solana UFO will be unique, we have ensured via code on the backend that no two NFTs will be replicated.

Q: What can you do with SolUFO?

A: You can collect SolUFOs as NFTs or use them for games in the "UFO World" currently under development. In addition, you can receive various benefits that will be announced in the future.

Q: What is "UFO World"?

A: "UFO World" is a new blockchain game using SolUFO. Use your own SolUFO to explore, fight other players' SolUFOs, collaborate with many players to defeat unidentified creatures, disassemble your own SolUFO to create a completely new SolUFO, and more. Game mode is planned.

Q: Are there any limits to play "UFO World"?

A: "UFO World" can only be played by users who have Sol UFOs. It is necessary to purchase at the first sale or from a user who already had SolUFO.

Q: Where can I buy or sell SolUFO in the future?

A: SolUFO is generated by the standard protocol currently used by solana, so it can be bought and sold in various markets on Solana. In addition, it will be possible to buy and sell on the SolUFO website in the future.

Q: How to get in touch with us?

A: We are available via our Twitter, Discord that are embedded in the website.